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Best Wings Erie!

Dine In • Pickup • Wing Delivery

Locally Owned, Bigbar has quickly become a favorite for Chicken Wings in Erie PA!


Try one of our Award Winning Flavors today!

Wet Flavors: Ranch, Mild, Medium, Hot, BBQ, Buffalo, Cajun Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ, Butter and Garlic, Butter Garlic Parm, Hot Butter Garlic Parm, Gold Rush (Spicy Honey Mustard Ranch), 24K (Medium Honey Mustard), TKO (*Award Winning Honey Sweet, Medium Spicy, Parm), Wild Boyz (*Award Winning Creamy Buffalo Garlic)

Dry Flavors: Cajun, Cajun Ranch, Garlic Parm, Ranch 

or Call 814-888-WING
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